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Street Lamp

China BAK successfully develops the “energy-saving, low-carbon and environment-friendly” intelligent storage control system with lithium ion battery as the core. The system fully uses the natural light and wind resources, without consumption of electric supply. Solar energy and wind energy are renewable resources, so it is environment-friendly and pollution-free.

 The product life is long, with service life of lithium ion battery of more than 10 years, so it is economic and affordable. Lithium battery of the company conducts the reasonable matching with LED light source and photovoltaic modules, reducing the energy loss. Besides, the product can conduct the intelligent optimization calculation and reasonable distribution of power utilization level according to user’s decision-making demand, residual battery capacity, day and night time, weather conditions, etc.

Solar Street Lamp Solution

Solution to 14.4V/150Ah solar street lamp storage system

Standard voltage: 14.4V, Cutoff voltage: 10.8V, Standard capacity: 150Ah, Cell type 26700 HE

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