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Data Center Backup Storage

With the rapid development of internet and mobile internet, especially as the mode of "internet +" has been put forward, the development of internet has gained the support of national strategies, which is bound to put forward higher requirements on safety and stability of data storage. Data center backup storage can initiate the emergency power supply system in the case of sudden power failure, so as to ensure the normal operation of data center and data safety.

    UPS backup power supply project--380V/100AH energy system provided by China BAK for the largest communications company in Korea

Features of the solution:

    High energy, high performance -- UPS system provided by China BAK achieves 38KWH energy storage for customers, avoiding the service interruption of IDC system in case of power outages and other circumstances.

    Small space -- UPS owns high energy density and achieves the same energy supply with smaller volume, reducing the occupation of the physical space of the machine room.

    Easy maintenance--unified UPS management system provides convenient operation interface, helping customers achieve simple system maintenance.

    Environmental friendly-- lithium cell equipment characterized by high energy and lower energy consumption achieves higher energy supply, reducing environmental pollution.

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