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Electric Bus Solution

China BAK has possessed the high-voltage integrated technology with high safety and high flexibility from the "battery cell- battery module - battery pack". Based on the mature and stable battery cells, China BAK actively carries out cooperation with the domestic first-class battery management system (BMS) manufacturers, and launches continuous independent R&D of BMS solutions. Furthermore, China BAK estimates the internal state of the batteries through the acquisition of battery monomer's voltage, current and temperature and gets control of the process of battery charge, discharge and use, so as to guarantee the safety of the batteries and improve their service life.

In 2009, China BAK provided the power systems for the Chrysler vehicles --special vehicles for the leaders attended the G8 Summit. At present, China BAK owns the experience in integration and assembly of high-voltage system for more than 5000 industrial projects, as well as mature and stable product technologies. The new energy vehicles whose power systems are provided by China BAK have been demonstrated in Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tianjin and Dalian, etc. successfully.

The solution of electric bus power system

电压与容量:563.2V/400Ah  组合方式148P176S 电芯型号::26650MP

Voltage and capacity: 563.2V/400Ah   Mode of combination: 148P176S   Model el 

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