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Electric Passenger Vehicle Solution

     With the increasing support and promotion of China to new energy vehicles, output of pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles presents explosive growth. However, at present, the space for placing the battery modules has not been yet reserved uniformly for the pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles in China, and uniform national standards for the size and shape of the battery packs have not also been established, so the battery manufacturers can only conduct specialized customization according to each vehicle model. China BAK can manufacture the monomer battery cells suitable for the customized module design, and can provide customers with all-round and customized solutions from the shape to functions.

     BAK power battery pack is designed in multiple zones which are separated completely from each other. On one hand, this form can enhance the strength of battery pack through multiple zones; on the other hand, the isolated plates between zones can be filled with the materials with high melting point and low thermal conductivity or cooling water, which can achieve the effects of isolation and flame retarding. In addition, outside of the battery pack is made of impact-resistant materials, which can effectively reduce the potential safety hazards caused by external shocks such as collision and extrusion.


Solution of pure electric vehicle battery system:

规格:60Ah345.6V     组合:30P96S     电芯型号:18650CB-2.0Ah 

Specification: 60Ah345.6V   Combination: 30P96S   Model of battery cell: 18650CB-2.0Ah

总能量:20.7KWh   重量:230Kg

Gross energy: 20.7KWh   Weight: 230Kg

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