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Electric Bicycle Solution

China BAK has provided lithium ion battery packs in batches for several domestic famous enterprises of electric vehicles, and at present, China BAK has completed the shipments of hundreds of thousands of sets of 36V/10Ah, 48V/10Ah, 48V/15Ah battery packs.

China BAK manufactures the electric bicycle batteries characterized by more lightweight and more lasting power. Under normal road conditions, 48V10Ah battery pack can make the vehicle travel 50 Km after being charged once, and its capacity can still be more than 70% after 500 cycles.


The solution of 48V10Ah battery pack:

电芯型号:26700HE    单体电压容量:3.6V/5AH       组合方式:2P13S

Model of battery cell: 26700HE   Capacity of monomer voltage: 3.6V/5AH   Mode of combination: 2P13S

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