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      CBAK has established extensive and long-term cooperative relationship with a number of colleges and universities, research institutes, well-known vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in lithium industry, and son on at home and abroad, and has carried out various forms of cooperation projects.

       Dalian CBAK acts as the industry-university-research cooperation base for Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Both parties will cooperate in R&D of a new generation of battery preparation technology with new battery materials combining with CBAK's huge advantage in the field of power battery and the leading technology of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics in advanced secondary battery and key materials. In addition, both parties will also conduct cooperation in cultivation of postgraduates and postdoctors and other fields, and jointly build the practice base for post graduates, providing talent and technical guarantee for improving the international competitiveness of the power battery in China.

      As the new energy vehicle market presents explosive demand of power lithium-ion battery, CBAK has established a long-term close relation of cooperation with FAW Volkswagen, BMW Brilliance and other well-known enterprises.

      CBAK has carried out extensive cooperation with the manufacturers covering the cathode materials, anode materials, electrolytes, solvents, diaphragm paper and other industrial chain lithium battery materials at home and abroad such as MGL, Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co., Ltd., UBE, Itochu, Taurus, Celgard and BASF with the purpose of jointly developing the high-powered raw materials of power battery, and making product performance and quality reach the first-class level in the world through constant technical promotion.

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