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CBAK holds: innovation, the power of enterprise development

The industry-leading R&D achievements have been achieved under the guidance of "centering on independent R&D, supplemented by introduction and absorption; guiding the industrial development, and seizing the key position of the industry", and relying on the multi-level R&D system, advanced R&D equipment and huge R&D investment.


        Dalian CBAK commits itself to the R&D of lithium ion power battery and the production of the new generation of advanced lithium ion power battery characterized by high energy density, high safety and long service life and its key materials. Dalian CBAK constantly promotes and improves the automatic production, product quality and product system; shifts from the domestic market to the international market, from the development of the electric tools, LEV and other small and medium-sized mobile power supplies to HEV/PHEV/EV, etc., and significantly enhances the capacity to meet the market demand of rapid growth for the new energy vehicles.


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